Please make sure any work in the Making Center open work areas (L2, N2) is cleaned up, labeled, and stored properly when you have completed work.


Access to the wide range of  tools, processes, and materials that are available in the Making Center is an important part of the Parsons student experience and critical to a path of creative growth. Our goal is to provide this access to all students, regardless of major.

Category 1 tools are accessible to all Parsons and New School students. Many of these tools are available through the various tool cribs across the Making Center.
Category 2 tools are available to all students with necessary training.
Category 3 tools are more complex tools needing additional training or faculty led instruction in order to access. These tools may also be accessible through specific project and class activity, led by instructor or technician.
Category 4 tools are submission based- requiring a technician to run the tool or process, or coordinated through faculty/technician led projects.

More info regarding tools and the the category system will follow in lab, shop, and studio pages.

In addition, open and adaptable work spaces where students can accomplish both individual and collaborative work are located in our 26,000 square foot Making Center Hub and other satellite spaces across the university. In total, Making Center resources offer over 60,000 square feet for student use. The Making Center employs 100+ Full Time, Part Time, and Student Technicians that support student use of the facilities and the necessary training for equipment and processes.

Funding for the Parsons Making Center came, in part, from Kay Unger Family Foundation; Kay Unger is an acclaimed fashion designer, entrepreneur, alumna of Parsons, and chair of the Parsons Board of Governors.

Please follow the links below for more details and information on the various labs, shops, and studios.


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